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Entry #1

Hey Everybody!

2010-07-03 01:40:37 by Spailpin

I'm going to start putting up a lot of music in the hopes that someone will use it for some awesome flash!


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2011-01-05 22:50:01

Seriously. You are one of the more talented musicians here on Newgrounds. It's a shame that more people do not know about you. Young, talented and beautiful to boot! Keep it up. I'm sure someday your hardwork is going to get you places.

Spailpin responds:

Thanks for the kind words. ^_^

I really appreciate it. I'll keep on working hard and getting better and hopefully put out better music.



2011-02-12 23:06:03

Whoa.... I was Just Listening To Your Submissions, and They are Epic. Really Mind Blowing. You Deserve an Emmy or Something.... <.< >.> Kudos.

Spailpin responds:

Thanks! I really appreciate it!